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America's Legacies Being Assured A Role In America's Future

The above art is the work of David Uhl which hangs in the American Trademark Publishing office and it exemplifies products of the Twentieth century that are still desired, respected and cherished to this day.  Please visit  to view and appreciate David’s other works of fine art.


Because of emerging technologies being embraced by corporate America, few of the less technologically advanced products have traveled forward into the 21st century.  American Trademark Publishing feels that many of the products that were left behind can provide a reminiscent but productive role in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven society and have undertaken the necessary steps to introduce them to new generations and reintroduce them to older generations.

Big Chief tablets were a huge part of the lives of millions of children and adults for close to one hundred years.  American Trademark Publishing is excited to become a part of this American icon and to be able to again offer the ORIGINAL BIG CHIEF Pencil Writing Tablet to the public.

 In addition to the Big Chief Tablet line, American Trademark Publishing is also offering the A-W Dataform Engineering Tablet which was a favorite among those in the scientific community for several decades.

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